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Dr. Sharon Link

  • Adhering to a Work Routine Helps Reduce Pressure in Protracted War Situations

    תמונה תומכת תוכןThe calming power of work: adhering to work routine during the Second Lebanon War (2006) contributed to a reduction in stress. The strongest effect was found among women and, surprisingly, among people who were obliged to come to work. These findings emerged from two recently-published studies conducted at the University. Dr. Michal Biron, who undertook the studies together with Dr. Sharon Link and Dr. Carmit Rapaport, explains: “Traditionally, women were those who stayed at home to look after the children during emergencies such as wars, and employers evidently found it easier to allow them to do so. However, the study findings, particularly in the realm of gender, show that it is very important to create conditions that enable women to maintain their work routine during wars or protracted states of emergencies.”