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Hippos Sussita,

  • Roman Theater Discovered in Excavations at Hippos (Sussita)

    תמונה תומכת תוכן The University's excavations at the Hippos (Sussita) site have uncovered the location of a large Roman theater. However, the theater's location outside the city walls supports the hypothesis that the facility was used mainly for religious ceremonies rather than shows for the masses. Dr. Michael Eisenberg, who heads the Hippos Excavations Project, revealed the new findings at the annual research conference of the Zinman Institute of Archeology. "The excavations outside the city over the past few years are falling into place like in a detective story," he remarks. "First we found the mask of Pan, then the monumental gate leading to what we began to assume was a large public compound - a sanctuary. And now, this year, we find a public bathhouse and theater in the same location, both facilities that in the Roman period could be associated with the god of medicine Asclepius or with gods of nature such as Dionysus and Pan."